The consortium in charge of the project includes:

Ecologic Institute

Stephanie Wunder, Timo Kaphengst, Linda Mederake, Keighley McFarland

Project lead, contributions mainly to successful examples of food provision between cities and rural areas, creation of an overarching theoretical concept, and linkage to political processes and actors.

Öko-Institut e.V.

Franziska Wolff, Daniel Bleher

Contributions mainly to urban-rural-metabolism and to governance aspects

TU Berlin, FG Landschaftsarchitektur.Freiraumplanung

Prof. Undine Giseke , Christoph Kasper

Contributions mainly to existing development theories and to real international examples of urban-rural-linkages

ICLEI Europe secretariat

Stefan Kuhn, Peter Ulrich

Contributions mainly to identification of relevant political linkage points and to parameters and indicators


Project coordination at the Federal Environment Agency by Mrs. Almut Jering (+49 (0)340 2103 2114)