Final RUN Workshop to discuss policy recommendation Berlin, Germany, 29 November 2018

With a final workshop on 29 November 2018 in Berlin the Rural-Urban-Nexus project presented and discussed the policy recommendations that were developed by the project team. Among the seven policy areas that have been identified for action, building regional food strategies was the focus of the discussion. More information about the workshop and its results are available on the German project website.


Regional Food Systems and Sustainable Land Use in Urban-Land Nexus – Workshop at the Ecologic Institut, Berlin, Germany, 11 April 2018

The workshop "Regional Food Systems and Sustainable Land Use in the Rural Urban Nexus" on 11 April 2018 discussed the potential that food systems can play to improve rural urban linkages. The workshop and background paper aimed to discuss the available insights at international level about success factors of regional food policies and if these are also relevant in the German context. To do so, the workshop brought together local policy makers, federal policy makers as well as participants from research and civil society. The workshop summary, agenda and participant list are now available.

(see German website for workshop documents)

Workshop at the Ecologic Institut, Berlin, Germany, 11 December 2017

(see German website for workshop documents)

RUN presentation at the 8th Annual Conference of the AESOP "Sustainable food planning" group, Coventry, UK, November 2017

The 2017 conference of the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP) in Coventry, UK focused on "Re-imagining sustainable food planning, building resourcefulness: Food movements, insurgent planning and heterodox economics". On November 15, Stephanie Wunder from the Rural Urban Nexus projects held a presentation "Rural Urban Nexus: Sustainable land use through integrated, city region food strategies". In this she showed how the development of integrated city region food strategies can serve as an innovative tool to (re-)build a sustainable nexus between rural and urban areas and discussed the narratives that can be used in regional food policy and planning.

"Rural Urban Nexus" project organizes workshop at the 2017 World Resource Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, October 2017

On October 25, 2017 the Rural Urban Nexus project presents and discusses some of its findings at a workshop within the World Resource Forum. Under the title "Rural Urban Nexus: Governance for sustainable land use through city region food strategies", this session will provide an overview of relevant aspects of the rural-urban nexus and the need for integrated development as well as the opportunities this provides for resource efficient land use. It will also explore and discuss implications of such an integrated perspective towards local governance, policy and research needs with the development of urban food strategies as an example. Speakers are Stephanie Wunder (Ecologic Institute), Maruxa Cardama (Cities Alliance) and Heidrun Moschitz (FibL). Dr. Harry Lehmann (UBA) moderates the event.

Resource efficient land use within the rural urban nexus – plenary discussion at the European Resource Forum  2016, Berlin, Germany, November 2016

 The plenary session "Resource efficient land use within the rural urban nexus" within the European Resource Form (ERF) in Berlin took place on November 10, 2016. Stephanie Wunder (Ecologic Institute) presented key areas and the relevance of urban rural linkages in international policies. Speakers also included Marielle Dubbeling (RUAF) who spoke about city region food systems and Vincent O’Connell (Surrey County Council, UK; Representative of the Peri Urban Regions Platform Europe) who illustrated with examples from Surrey, how integrated planning can improve the cooperation between urban and rural areas. Minutes of the plenary results can be found on the website of the European Resource Forum.